Bananas for Bananas.

Let’s make something tasty!
…. That’s quick and healthy, because it’s the holidays and no one has time for empty calories or another thing added to their schedule.

So, what to make? Simple. Grab a banana and you’ll be one step closer to a nutritious and delicious snack, breakfast, treat, or just something good to eat.

"Yes, I Have No Bananas," by Sharon Mollerus, by CC BY 4.0/cropped from original,

“Yes, I Have No Bananas,” by
Sharon Mollerus, by CC BY 4.0/cropped from original,

Why? Here are a few reasons:
1) Bananas are a sports drink in whole food form. Work out, eat up, replenish.
2) Bananas are a great source of it potassium, which helps to ward off risk of stroke, diabetes in those with high blood pressure, and even osteoporosis.
3) Bananas (when slightly green) are fill with resistant starch that might help reduce risk of cancer causing compounds in red meats.

Don’t want to eat a just a plain banana, but short on time?

From one ingredient to a few, here are seven easy three ingredients (or less) banana based recipes you can whip up fast!

"Chiquita Banana's Cookbook, 1947," by alsis35 (now at ipernity), licensed by CC BY 4.0/cropped from original,

“Chiquita Banana’s Cookbook, 1947,” by alsis35 (now at ipernity), licensed by CC BY 4.0/cropped from original,

1) Three Ingredient Banana Dogs.
2) Three Ingredient Banana Peanut Butter Bars.
3) Three ingredient Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. (Well, I’d make them with chocolate chips.)
4) Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes. In the words of Jack Johnson, “pretend like it’s the weekend now.”
5) Two Ingredient Banana Ice Cream.
6)Two ingredient Banana and Flax Crackers.
7) Three Ingredient Banana Pudding.


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