CAND boasts being the oldest dietetic association in the world, having met for the first time on October 27, 1916 making it one year older than the Academy.

In 1919 the name was changed to the Chicago Dietetic Association and its membership was opened to women of the profession outside of the hospital field. The organization began publishing quarterly bulletins in 1924; a tool believed to be fore-runner of the ANK Journal which appeared in 1925.

One of the greatest accomplishments of CAND (in cooperation with members of South Suburban Dietetic Association) has been the creation of the Manual of Clinical Dietetics, written and regularly revised during the 1980s and 1990s. Physicians and dietitians alike came to rely on this wealth of knowledge and over the years it evolved into the gold standard of dietetic practice.

Our name was changed once more in 2013 to the Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the organization continues as advocate for the Registered Dietitian. Our members represent a wide variety

of practice areas and the association is committed to lobbying for the purpose of including the Registered Dietitian as the Nutrition Expert in all legislative areas. Our organization proudly remains committed to providing education, networking, advocacy and publishing opportunities for each of our members.

-Marie Ross, Past President

Our Vision

Optimize the nation’s health through food and nutrition.

Our Mission

Empower members to be the nation’s food and nutrition leaders.

Board of Directors


Sara Casey Fagan


Tina Lam


Amy Moore


Amy Yahiro


Amy Curcio


Melissa Prest


Social Media &

Rebecca Perkins, Co-Chair
Lindsey Herr, Co-Chair
Shawn Zajicek, Twitter Lead
Kate Egan, Facebook &
LinkedIn Lead
OPEN, Pinterest Lead
Christine Weidman, Instagram Lead
Lindsay Parrino, E-blast Lead
Michelle Phan, Blog Lead

Awards and Scholarships

Melanie Battaglia, Chair


OPEN, Co-Chair
OPEN, Co­Chair

Media Rep

Laura Hoover

Events & Sponsorship

Tina Lam, Chair
Sandra Kintzel, Sponsorship Lead


Jessica Moehling, Co-Chair
Justine Britten, Co-Chair


Rachelle Mallik, Chair
Ana Pruteanu, Chair-Elect
Sara Casey Fagan, President
Sarah Olender, Immediate Past President


Lindsay Parrino, Co-Chair
Sandra Kintzel, Co-Chair
Roberta Cooper-Meyer
Ana Pruteanu
Sarah Olender
Amy Moore
Rachelle Mallik

Past President’s Council

Sarah Olender
Christine Weidman
Melissa Prest
Brooke Schantz
Jamie Shifley
Kelly Ziemkiewicz
Barbara Fine
Roberta Cooper-Meyer
Marie Ross

Strategic Planning

Tina Lam, Chair
Sara Casey Fagan, President
Sarah Olender, Immediate
Past President
Amy Moore


Barb Fine, Chair
Sarah Olender, Immediate
Past President

Community Outreach

Mimi Blick, Co-Chair
Stephanie Send, Co-Chair
Sandra Kintzel, Industry Liason
Amy Moore