National Nutrition Month

By Brenna Wallace, MS, RDN / March 9, 2019

It’s officially March — the best month of the year! Why? Because its National Nutrition Month.  National Nutrition Month focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits (1). Each March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates the power of food and nutrition in helping others…

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American Heart Month

By Brenna Wallace, MS, RDN / February 4, 2019

February is the month of LOVE! American Heart Month is all about raising awareness of heart disease and how to prevent it. It’s important to not only educate adults how to prevent heart disease, but also to promote healthy eating patterns in children that will turn into lifelong habits. Let’s get heart healthy!   Incorporate…

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All About Adaptogens!

By Brenna Wallace, MS, RDN / January 18, 2019

It’s officially 2019 – and with every year comes new fad food trends and diets. One trend expected to be on the rise this year is adaptogens. Adaptogens are considered to be herbs that provide a non-specific, non-toxic resistance against environmental stress to maintain homeostasis within the body (1). While adaptogens have been around since…

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Intuitive Eating During the Holiday Season

By Brenna Wallace, MS, RDN / December 17, 2018
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With the holiday season comes holiday parties. Whether they are work-related, with family, or with friends, it seems that all holiday parties revolve around one thing; food. Holidays tend to bring up feelings of anxiety and obsession towards food. We spend them eating Thanksgiving and Christmas treats, followed by planning our New Year’s resolutions (that…

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