The 2017 RD Exam: How to Study Smart & Build Your Confidence

By Maggy Boyd / January 26, 2017
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I began studying for the RD Exam by reading the surplus of “How I Passed the RD Exam” blogs. A plethora of posts telling stories of how different individuals studied and passed the RD Exam, including the common themes of: “Buy Inman’s, don’t over study, and go out for celebratory drinks after your exam.” Fortunately,…

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Ready, Set, Fuel: How to Fuel Your Performance with Sports Nutrition

By Maggy Boyd / October 23, 2016

Imagine your body as a race car… Your training as the engine… Your injury treatment as the tune ups… Your diet as the fuel… And you are the driver. If you start to view food as fuel, you have the ability to drive your athletic performance to the next level. Based on the quantity and quality of foods you consume,…

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