Frozen Yogurt Day

Summer is upon us and that means it’s time for frozen treats!  One of my favorite cold desserts by far is frozen yogurt. It’s the perfect treat for a warm summer night!

A few reasons to choose frozen yogurt for your dessert:


  • Probiotics: Some frozen yogurts, like regular yogurt, contain beneficial bacteria called “probiotics”.  Check to see if the label says it contains “live active cultures” to be sure, as probiotics may be killed off during the freezing and pasteurization process.
  • Lactose: Since some frozen yogurts contain probiotics this means they may also have lower levels of lactose than other dairy-based desserts like ice cream.  Those with lactose intolerance may thus be able to enjoy frozen yogurt without having digestive issues.
  • Bone health: Frozen yogurt contains calcium which is essential for building and maintaining strong bones.  


Don’t let the name “yogurt” fool you though!  Just like ice cream, frozen yogurt can have a lot of added sugar.

Here’s a few tips to add some extra nutrition to your frozen yogurt:


  • Top wisely: Candy pieces and syrups add a lot of sugar, calories and fat to your frozen treat.  Try topping your yogurt with fruit, nuts, or dark chocolate.
  • Portion: Just like everything else in life, too much is not always a good thing.  
  • Check the sugar: Sugar content of frozen yogurts can vary dramatically depending on brand, flavor, and fat content.  Shop around to find one with fewer added sugars.


Are you a frozen yogurt fan?  What are your favorite flavor/topping combinations?  

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