Tips for Searching for Your First Job Post-Internship

Job searching – the two scariest words for a student about to graduate. There are few things worse than getting questioned by friends and family on how your job seeking is going prior to a graduation from undergrad, grad school, or a dietetic internship. Here are a few tips to keep you from losing your cool prior to the big commencement:

  1. Don’t rule out internships
    – Yes, I know, we’re all burnt out of internships by the time we complete a dietetic internship. But, hear me out on this one. For those students who are looking to pursue a non-traditional route in dietetics, like marketing or PR, an internship can be a great tool to career building. A paid internship in your field of choice can lead to a salary position. And, if nothing else, an internship means more connections in your field and most likely a great new letter of recommendation.
  2. Search words other than “dietitian”
    – The sad reality is that many HR people who phrase and post job listings don’t always know that “registered dietitian” is a specific title. Try phrases like nutritionist, health coach, wellness coach, food supervisor, etc – you will definitely bring up a better range of results.
  3. Cater your resume
    – Most of us have a wide range of work and internship experience at this point – but it’s important to keep only what’s important. Keeping a detailed account of your food service rotation might not help you land that clinical position you’re after. In addition, take off jobs that are totally irrelevant, like babysitting (but you already knew that!)
  4. Broaden your horizons
    – You might not get any calls back from your dream food service management job and instead only get interviews with clinical positions or WIC centers. That’s okay! Every job that you are offered is an opportunity to learn and grow. In every position you build up new skills and strengths that you didn’t have to offer before. And, similar to your internship rotations, you may realize you like something more than you thought you would.

Did I miss any great job hunting tips? Share them below!

Happy job hunting!

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