Make Your Dreams Come True

What better time to kick off the new year than with noticing Make Your Dreams Come True Day. Today celebrates achieving what you want in life while encouraging all of us to take some time and remember what’s really inspiring each one of us to get up every morning. I urge anyone reading this to ensure that you aren’t making the mistake of letting your dreams remain just that: dreams. Sometimes it just takes the courage to do something different than what you have done in the past.

Moving in the direction of achieving your dreams takes going one step at a time. So, today is the perfect opportunity to do something about it. I included several steps to get started with making your dreams a reality, things that I truly implement in my life. With little effort I truly believe that anyone’s dreams can come true.

The Four Step Formula for Manifesting Your Dreams

  • Meditate and Practice Visualization
  1. Imagine how you would really feel when you visualize yourself achieving one of your dreams. What helps me in focusing in on what I really desire, is to act “as if” the situation has already happened. Fine tuning your energy and emotions will not only help you feel good in the moment, but know deep down that your dreams are already on there way.
  2. Mediation is about training in your awareness and you can really practice on turning off your negative thoughts and feelings, to focus on what you desire right there in the moment.
  3. I recommend apps on your phone if you are new to mediation:
    • HEADSPACE app* [Monthly subscriptions from $5.74 to $14.95 a month
    • CALM app* [The initial 7 Days of Calm, unguided sessions, some guided sessions and tracking features has no cost.]
  • Write It Down
  1. Be specific about what you want and describe in detail exactly what you imagine your dream(s) looking like. Put your ideas to work by assigning realistic deadlines to your goals!
  2. Buying a small journal that you can carry around with you in your car or purse to have on you always.
  3. This small journal from Target would be perfect: Target Journals
  • Believe it is Possible
  1. You must know that it is possible for the thing you desire to be in your life. Miracles happen every day. Many of the things we think are impossible come together in unpredictable ways.
  • Take action!
  1. Figure out what you need to DO to make your dream happen. Then go do it!
  2. Every day.
  3. To sum up step four, act daily.

So, what are you going to do today to move closer to making your dreams a reality? I hope you can take the time today to explore your dreams and make small steps towards getting there in this new year.


*Recommended apps are not affiliated with the Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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