National French Toast Day: Quick Tips for Healthier French Toast

French toast has always been a breakfast favorite of mine. On the rare occasion that my family had a free morning, my parents would make a French toast spread. We’d have a wide array of toppings to add onto our plates to make it our own. At an early age, my parents had taught us we can enjoy a breakfast treat that is also healthy.

It seems many restaurants are trying to revamp this breakfast classic. Offering stuffed French toasts, cinnamon roll French toasts, and so on. However, I think some foods are best enjoyed as they are – classics. From making French toast at home to ordering at a restaurant, here are some simple tips to keep your French toast just as tasty and a little healthier too.

Whole Wheat Bread
One quick way to make French toast a little healthier is to swap out the white bread for whole wheat bread slices. Choosing breads made with whole wheat flour can be an easy way to add some extra fiber into your breakfast.

Top with Berries
Fresh berries are an excellent way to add some color and natural flavors to your French toast. Berries, such as strawberries, naturally provide fiber and vitamins including vitamin C and several B vitamins. When in season, they can be a cheap and flavorful replacement for syrup altogether! Depending on the time of year, berries can be a little pricier – opting for frozen fruits could be another option.

Make Your Own Syrup
Mixing together some fresh or frozen fruit with a little sugar could be an alternative to store-bought syrups. Making your own syrup gives you the control over the type and amount of added sugars put into your food.

Try Adding Nuts
Nuts are a good source of protein, fiber, and a variety of vitamins and minerals, with tons of health benefits. However, they are fairly calorie dense. Nuts range from 160 calories to 200 calories per ounce. Try to be mindful of your portion size when adding nuts to your French toast.

All tips considered, it’s certainly possible for French toast to be both nutritious and delicious. However, you should keep in mind that French toast is considered a breakfast treat rather than a breakfast staple. Maintaining a well-balanced, healthy breakfast can be a good way to start off each day.

Check out this simple Cinnamon French toast recipe to get National French Toast day started right!

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