A Historical Lesson on Health- Simplified

Written by Cassie Vanderwall

A new year is upon us and many have already forged ahead towards their resolutions. Many of you may have read and applied the post entitled, Tips for Working towards a Healthier You in 2012 focused on weight management; consider this an on-going discussion. It seems there are several opinions on New Year’s Resolutions- good and bad. Honestly, the renewed energy to change behavior in the midst of winter is a phenomenon to me. After almost a month, these personal promises can often become complicated with loop holes. The following encouragement comes from Dr. George W. Calver’s simple commandments for health.

Dr. Calver was the first appointed doctor for the U.S. congress. Following his appointment in December 1928, Dr. Calver initiated an aggressive preventive medicine campaign focused on ten “Commandments of Health.”

Simply stated, thou shalt:

Eat Wisely.

Drink Plentifully…of water.

Eliminate Thoroughly.

Bathe Cleanly.

Exercise Rationally.

Accept Inevitably… or don’t worry, be happy.

Play Enthusiastically.

Relax Completely.

Sleep Sufficiently.

Check Up Occasionally .


He believed that his approach was universal, “To me there’s no difference between a Republican bellyache and a Democratic bellyache,” and his warnings received National press during the Great Depression. During his 40 years as Washington’s physician, his prescription of moderation calmed congressional nerves and encouraged the public. His recipe for overall health and wellness is timeless, and can be applied any time of year.

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