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Breaking the Lunchbox Blues

By Stephanie Hofhenke / October 7, 2018

Nothing quite brings on the excitement of new beginnings like the first day of school! Fresh shoes, backpacks, supplies, and lunchboxes all make the end of summer break seem less depressing and the onset of the new school year more exciting. If you have been diligently packing those snacks and lunches you know that the…

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"We the People": A Beginner’s Guide to Advocacy

By Stephanie Hofhenke / April 22, 2012
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Many people complain, but very few often take action. Operationalizing individual aspirations for the Nation’s priorities can be an intimidating process for beginners, but is crucial to corporate change.

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Cystic Fibrosis by Amanda Seguin, Dietetic Intern

By Stephanie Hofhenke / April 1, 2012

     While working with the pediatric dietitians during my internship, I’ve gained experience working in the cystic fibrosis (CF) clinic.  CF is a genetic disease that affects 30,000 people in the United States and most commonly affects the Caucasian population, though it can affect all races.  This disease causes mucus to build up in the…

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Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Pregnancy

By Stephanie Hofhenke / March 27, 2012

Studies have shown that infants born to mothers with higher blood levels of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA at delivery had advanced cognitive function and increased attention spans well into their second year of life.

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Nutrition Counseling: How to Help

By Stephanie Hofhenke / March 22, 2012
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How do we, as registered dietitians, inspire and support nutrition behavior change and truly help individuals? Try these 5 reminders to help promote behavior change and not hurt.

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CDA’s CTA National Nutrition Month Ad

By Stephanie Hofhenke / March 15, 2012

National Nutrition Month is in full swing!  Look for the below CDA advertisement on CTA buses in March.  Routes include Lincoln/Sedgewick, Broadway, Clark, Damen, Kedzie/California, and Foster.  Approximately ~5,000,000 commuters will see our ads!  If you happen to spot one, please take a photo (preferably with you in it!) and send it to Kelly Ziemkiewicz at…

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MyPlate for Athletes

By Stephanie Hofhenke / March 15, 2012

MyPlate for Athletes by Katie Davis MS, RD, CSSD, LDN As we all know, March is National Nutrition Month, and this year’s theme is “Shape Up Your Plate” in honor of the new MyPlate graphic released by the USDA as a replacement for the good old Food Guide Pyramid. This was a welcome change…

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Fructose: Poison or Pleasure?

By Stephanie Hofhenke / February 22, 2012

Dietitians, among other health professionals and of course our mom’s have been telling us for years to leave our hands out of the cookie and candy jars and to pick up fruit instead, well what if we’re wrong?

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A Historical Lesson on Health- Simplified

By Stephanie Hofhenke / January 22, 2012

After almost a month, these personal promises can often become complicated with loop holes. The following encouragement comes from Dr. George W. Calver’s simple commandments for health.

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Tips for Working Towards a Healthier You in 2012

By Stephanie Hofhenke / January 15, 2012
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Seeing as the holiday season came and went…

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To Weigh or Not to Weigh???

By Stephanie Hofhenke / January 9, 2012

So how does one go about measuring their successes?? Moving up a notch on the belt?? Decreasing dress sizes?? Dare I say a number on the scale?

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"15 Minutes of Yoga"

By Stephanie Hofhenke / January 1, 2012

Yoga and weight lifting are emerging as complementary practices combining yoga postures with upper-body strength…

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There's an App for That

By Stephanie Hofhenke / December 22, 2011

In the mobile era where smart phones abound, technology can be used to harness health in the modern age by encouraging clients to become more aware of and accountable to themselves.

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We're Still 7400 Signatures Away – Urge CMS to Reconsider its Position!

By Stephanie Hofhenke / December 15, 2011

Hello RDs and RDs-to-be! As you know, I normally write an original blog highlighting some need-to-know topic for all members of CDA. However, I think there is one glaring current event on which this blog should focus. At this point, I’m not sure how you could not have heard about the decision by CMS to…

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