Getting Ahead of the Holiday Season

Getting Ahead of the Holiday Season


With Halloween at and end the upcoming months are full of holidays celebrated around food and sugary treats. The holiday season is when people tend to put on the most weight during the year (typically 1-5 pounds each year), so it helps to be prepared and have a plan to stay on track before you start feeling your pants getting tighter.

After Halloween, especially with kids in the home – it’s easy to graze at leftover candy mindlessly. If it’s in the house you’re going to eat it so why not try a different approach. Either give it to a neighbor, friend, or bring to work for coworkers. You can also donate leftover candy to organizations such as Operation Gratitude, Halloween Candy Buyback, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and even local dentist’s offices will accept it as well. It’s tempting to keep all those treats in the house but you’ll thank yourself later if you clear out the house sooner rather than later. Instead of keeping bowls of candy out – keep fresh fruits and prepped vegetables readily available on the kitchen table, counter, and right at eye-view when you open the fridge. If you surround yourself with healthy food, you will eat healthy food. Try to aim for 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Thanksgiving and winter holidays are coming up fast. That means lots of gatherings revolved around food, baking, and overeating. Get ahead of the game and start putting a plan in place to keep yourself on track before you’re in the midst of the holiday madness. Do you have any activity/exercise incorporated into your daily routine right now? Instead of waiting for New Year’s to start making resolutions – start now! Sign up for an exercise class that you’ve been meaning to try, use that gym membership that may or may not be in use. Even if it just means adding a 10-minute walk to your day – any extra activity counts towards something. And the sooner you start before 2017 pops up around the corner, the easier it’ll be to keep up your routine the earlier you set your mind to it.

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