National Dairy Month: Dairy Myths and Facts

By Kate Egan / June 12, 2018

Happy National Dairy Month! In June, dairy farmers and producers are honored for their important work in agriculture and the food industry. While dairy has been a part of our food system for hundreds of years, it has recently received negative attention alongside the rise of plant-based “milk” beverages. (For those who choose to consume…

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Frozen Yogurt Day

By Amanda Hookom / June 4, 2018

Summer is upon us and that means it’s time for frozen treats!  One of my favorite cold desserts by far is frozen yogurt. It’s the perfect treat for a warm summer night! A few reasons to choose frozen yogurt for your dessert:   Probiotics: Some frozen yogurts, like regular yogurt, contain beneficial bacteria called “probiotics”.…

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National Brown-Bag It Day: Tips for Lunch Packing!

By Kate Egan / May 25, 2018

Happy National Brown-Bag It Day, where we celebrate the healthy, wallet-friendly and sustainable practice of bringing your own lunch to work! While some of you might be brown-bag pros already, here are some tips for those just getting started in a new habit of packing lunches. 1. Plan ahead Packing a lunch at the last…

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National Hummus Day

By Amanda Izquierdo / May 13, 2018

Mild and nutty tasting, hummus is a Middle Eastern condiment that can be garnished with spices and herbs for unique flavors that pairs well with vegetables of all kinds, breads, and can even be used as pasta sauce or topped on chicken before baking for a crust that keeps meat from drying out. Traditionally made…

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Eat What You Want Day

By Amanda Hookom / May 11, 2018

We all know that healthy eating is important, but what does that really mean?  Do you need to forever forfeit cookies and ice cream in the name of good health?     Ask a dietitian and the answer you’ll probably get is that healthy eating is all about balance and variety.  It means adding lots of…

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Tips for Searching for Your First Job Post-Internship

By Kate Egan / April 25, 2018
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Job searching – the two scariest words for a student about to graduate. There are few things worse than getting questioned by friends and family on how your job seeking is going prior to a graduation from undergrad, grad school, or a dietetic internship. Here are a few tips to keep you from losing your…

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Lima Bean Respect Day

By Amanda Hookom / April 20, 2018

Do you respect your lima beans?  If you’re like me, you probably don’t give lima beans much thought.  They’re a legume, they exist, they’re your least favorite part of frozen mixed vegetables and probably one of your least favorite beans too.  Is there more to lima beans than meets the eye though? You may be…

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Seven Ways to Walk More for National Walking Day

By Melissa Smith / April 3, 2018

Volunteer April is National Volunteer Month, so what a great way to get more walking in! Volunteer to walk and play with shelter dogs, walk and pick up the liter for your city, or walk and exercise with elderly, youth, or other groups. Not only are you increasing your step count, but you are also…

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Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

By hillmac22 / March 30, 2018

Personally, I find grocery shopping to be a fun activity, but not when it costs me a fortune! Rising food prices can make it harder to eat healthy without spending the farm, but fortunately I have some great tips to help you keep up those healthy habits without depleting your bank account! Buy frozen! Buying…

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Power Up with Breakfast

By Anna Veselovsky / March 27, 2018

It breaks my heart when people tell me they skip breakfast because for me, I couldn’t go without it! Having a hearty breakfast can give you a great start to the day with a mindful moment. Research on breakfast shows that it kickstarts the metabolism after fasting overnight and helps with concentration throughout the day.…

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National Spinach Day

By Melissa Smith / March 26, 2018

What comes to mind when you hear spinach? One of those stock photos of a deliriously happy woman laughing at her salad? A tall glass of antioxidant-rich green juice? That office party with your other dietitian colleagues all fighting over Jessica’s famous spinach dip? Oh. Something else entirely? Okay, right, that’s fine. Well, bring back…

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Foods of Europe

By Kate Egan / March 23, 2018

Ciao! This National Nutrition Month was extra special because I had the privilege of traveling abroad for the first time to Italy, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. As a soon-to-be RD, one of the most exciting parts of the trip of course was being able to try different cuisines and experience food traditions across the pond!…

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National Water Day

By Amanda Hookom / March 22, 2018

We all know we need to drink water to survive, but how much water do we actually need?  It’s the age old question that people have answered in a variety of ways. From 8 cups, to half your body weight in ounces, we’re going to dive in to what it takes to stay hydrated. How…

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What’s in season this spring?

By Anna Veselovsky / March 20, 2018

Cooking with seasonal fruits and vegetables can bring not only a flavor explosion to any meal but also a huge cost savings for your budget. With the Spring Equinox occurring today, it’s a perfect time to start swapping out some of your winter recipes with those featuring spring produce. For this spring, consider incorporating some…

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