How to beat the February blues? Warm the body and soul with food!

By Rebecca Perkins / February 25, 2018
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Winter always seems to linger longer than summer. For some, this is a good thing. However, for others, we tend to complain of the constant cold winds and grey skies. Instead of wallowing in despair, we can revamp our winter blues. Food can paint over the grey canvas and make our days more vibrant, warm,…

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National Homemade Soup Day

By Jacqueline Winkler / February 4, 2018
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Pour yourself a bowl and get ready to celebrate National Homemade Soup Day! With the colder winter months ever present, what better way to relax than with a warm bowl of soup? Soup is as old as the history of cooking itself and the ways to get creative when combining all kinds of different nutritious…

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Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies…REMIX

By Liana Akkawi / November 6, 2016
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What is small yet filling, sweet yet healthier than most baked treats, moist in texture, pumpkin and spice flavored, and packed with nutrients this fall? These pumpkin oatmeal soft baked cookies! Made with chia seeds instead of eggs and maple syrup instead of table sugar, this recipe is super easy to make and boosted with…

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Chocolate Pumpkin Banana Ice Cream

By Taylor Wolfram / October 30, 2016

Banana ice cream (blending frozen bananas into an ice-cream-like consistency) is a trendy treat and I created a festive fall version using pureed pumpkin! If you love pumpkin treats but are not a fan of heavy pumpkin spice flavors, you’ve gotta try this! This dish will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a nutrition…

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